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Dry & Wet Rot

Every building is under threat from fungal decay which can cause problems in structural integrity.
Although quite different, Wet Rot and Dry Rot are both extremely dangerous.
Premier Contractors’ Surveyors are experts in identifying and treating both kinds.

Both Wet Rot and Dry Rot are types of fungal decay and the first, and very important task, is to identify correctly which problem a building is facing.

There are many different types of Wet Rot but only one Dry Rot fungus. Premier 1st for Property Care are experts in identifying the difference and implementing the correct treatment to effect eradication of the problem.

One of the main differences is that wet rot needs a higher moisture content to grow. Wet rot likes to grow on timber with a high moisture content of around 50% and above while dry rot will germinate at a lower timber moisture content of around 20% to 30%.

Both types feed on the wood they infest, weakening the structure and, ultimately, causing it to collapse.

Premier 1st Property for Property Care has over 60 years experience in Wet & Dry Rot treatment, covering all parts of the UK, including the South West, Cornwall, London, Midlands, and the North.

PREMIER ARE EXPERTS IN Identifying Dry Rot and Wet Rot

Dry Rot

Example of Dry Rot

A major, and important, difference between the two is that dry rot will often occur in areas of the property that cannot be seen. Significant damage might occur before the problem is identified.

These are often areas such attics or underfloor areas that have poor ventilation, resulting in a higher-than-normal moisture content. Excessive condensation on windows can sometimes be an early warning sign of dry rot.

Dry rot can travel through and along the wall surface behind plaster or render, and it is recommended that plaster and wall coverings be stripped back in all directions until the last known affected areas are found and beyond, then the whole areas are treated.

Identifying dry rot:

  • A white mycelium growth like cotton wool appears when fresh
  • The mycelium can have a lemon-yellowish tinge
  • The mycelium turns to grey when older
  • The timber will usually have large cuboidal cracking and crumble when badly affected
  • Damp musty smell
  • Red spore dust from the fruiting body is evident in rooms.
  • Paint finish can appear damaged.

We offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee backed by GPI insurance on all our projects all over the UK.

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Wet Rot

Example of Wet Rot

Wet rot is often a result of defective plumbing, gutters, downpipes or stone pointing.

Fortunately, wet rot does not spread through masonry and its growth will cease when the moisture is removed.

What to look for:

  • Mycelium strands may appear on the timber
  • Timber shrinkage and cracks to the timber
  • Timber is likely to feel soft and spongy to touch
  • Discolouration of timber may appear
  • The Rot will stay within the damp area and does not spread


Susan Julyan – Truro, Cornwall

 I cannot thank Simon and the team enough

I cannot thank Simon and the team enough! Simon has been so understanding, helpful and courteous. Never too busy to return calls, he makes appointments and keeps them. Your guys, Darren, Wayne, Raff and Matteo work so hard, total professionals! They know their trades and are all super friendly, considerate and all round stars! The work has been carried out to a high standard, I am so happy with everything! I would not hesitate to recommend the guys at Premier Contractors.

Mia Culmer – Padstow, Cornwall

I cannot praise Premier enough.

hardworking, friendly, polite and honestly a pleasure to have in my home. Even though they were knocking chunks of my walls down! Having lovely gentlemen doing the work certainly made the chaos easier to deal with. Hearing them laughing and joking between themselves was great. But doing their job, fantastically. Truly thank you to those lovely men. Simply great.

D. Perry – Solihull, West Midlands

Very professional from start to finish.

Mark was very efficient with great customer service. They turned up on time and at the end of the day left my property clean and tidy. Would happily recommend to family and friends.

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Efficient & Professional

Henry and Adam executed the job very well, even though they encountered problems, they dealt with the issues both efficiently and professionally.

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Excellent service throughout the job.

We are very pleased with the damp course Lee recently installed. Thank you very much.

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A fantastic service all round.

The work that has been done is to a very high standard and the workmen are all very professional.

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Plasterers were excellent.

They worked hard and were a pleasure to have in my home, despite the un avoidable disruption and mess Premier made the whole experience as stress free as they possibly could.

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No issues at all from Premier.

Very efficient from start to finish, no hassles, no worries.

Christian Attewell

Very Positive and Resourceful

I’d like to highlight the positive experience I have had working with Ricky Bates. I needed help with work on a front lintel. Ricky tried to get into contact with me less than 24 hours after the email being sent. His expertise when consulting me on the phone was very helpful.  Ricky was very positive and resourceful. He’s been flexible with his availability and quick to respond either via phone or text, and I would just like to highlight the positive attitude and thank him for his help, and for the experience I have had with Premier!

Polly Griffin – Nottinghamshire

It has been a really positive experience working with you and your company on my home. Your tradesmen were professional, trustworthy and highly skilled. The work area was left clean & tidy. The work was completed in good time and competitively priced. I definitely will be using your company again. A five-star service, well done.

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