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The Different Types of Damp [wtr-time]

With the UK’s typically wet climate, our homes and buildings are incredibly susceptible to the effects of moisture build-up. Fortunately, the team at Premier have extensive knowledge surrounding the different types of damp most commonly found in UK homes and buildings: Penetrating Damp Condensation Rising Damp PENETRATING DAMP Sometimes called lateral damp is an ingress […]

Read more May 13th, 2021

Premier Awarded Prestigious Catesby Tunnel Waterproofing Contract [wtr-time]

Prior to the Covid19 Pandemic and the UK’s Lockdown Premier 1st for Property Care are pleased to announce that as a business we have been awarded the prestigious contract to waterproof Catesby Tunnel, the plan is to convert the unused railway tunnel into a state-of-the-art test facility. Catesby Tunnel which at 2997 yards, was the […]

Read more April 16th, 2020

Property Refurbishment St Ives, Cornwall [wtr-time]

Prior to the recent events of COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the world, Premier 1st for Property Care had the pleasure of undertaking this extensive property refurbishment in St Ives, Cornwall. The owners of the property had issues with damp, mould and deterioration to plaster and render beads. As shown in the image below the salt-affected […]

Read more April 9th, 2020

Basement Waterproofing in Bristol [wtr-time]

This week the Premier 1st for Property Care team completed a basement waterproofing job in Bristol utilising Newton 8mm Cavity Membrane and Newton Fibran. Damp proofing to basements is covered by British Standards document BS 8102: 2009 “Protection of structures against water from the ground”. This document specifies the performance level for the design of the waterproofing […]

Read more February 13th, 2020

Penetrating Damp Treatment in Hertfordshire [wtr-time]

Premier 1st for Property Care was in Hertfordshire penetrating damp from high ground levels on an early 20th Century building, which for the last 80 years has been a small-town hospital. At some point, they had contractors in to build a ramp for access for deliveries on trolleys, and possibly wheelchair users.  In doing so the original […]

Read more January 29th, 2020

Battenhall Mount, Worcester Waterproofing Project [wtr-time]

It’s been an amazing time for the Premier 1st for Property Care team with us being awarded a significant contract to undertake extensive dry rot, waterproofing and damp treatment works at Battenhall Mount, Worcester.  St Mary’s Convent School was formally Battenhall Mount, now an abandoned Roman Catholic School features grand Italian designs as well as classrooms. Battenhall Mount […]

Read more November 27th, 2019

Damp Survey London [wtr-time]

There were absolutely no expenses spared on this project in Cadogan Square, London, SW1. Premier 1st for Property Care was asked by an architect to undertake a full detailed damp survey of the building. The results revealed no levels of damp to warrant any works, which was great news for the client! However, after their discussions and […]

Read more October 24th, 2019

Blocked Ventilation Causes Severe Wet Rot Decay in South West London [wtr-time]

We recently carried out work in South West London for wet rot decay. Find out what mistakes this previous property owner made and see images of the rotten timber and moisture readings. Our damp experts carried out a survey on a London property and discovered a very high moisture reading of 99.9. We also identified […]

Read more May 15th, 2019

Emergency! Tenant can’t move in. [wtr-time]

This social housing in London was meant to have a new tenant but was clearly not fit for habitation, so the Premier experts were called in. Our timeline ran like this: Contact from owner Tuesday afternoon Survey 8.00 am Wednesday Fully-costed proposal submitted 9.30 am Wednesday Premier appointed 10.30 am Wednesday Project to include ceiling […]

Read more March 8th, 2019

Damp Living Room Wall Needed Dry Lining Membrane [wtr-time]

This porous bale end wall was displaying classic signs of damp penetration, so the owner called Premier Conractors, on the recommendation of Newton Membranes. Our CSSW-qualified surveyor quickly diagnosed the issue from the tide-line of damp extending DOWN the wall from porous stone work externally. Testing showed a very high moisture profile reading. High Meter […]

Read more February 25th, 2019