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They’re Film Stars, We’re Membrane Experts!

January 24, 2019

The set of a very well-known film site needed to create more dressing room space but the space allocated needed waterproofing.

Our CSSW-qualified surveyor was called in to advise on the best treatment, being advised that the architect favoured a Cavity Drained Membrane System.

We agreed and proposed a system which will create damp-pressure-equalisation on the surfaces of what had been a barn.

Damp Pressure Equalisation: 

The membrane system firstly creates damp pressure equalisation, which means the whole of the wall is taking the damp loading therefore eliminating any weak spot. The cavity created by the membrane can also be used for ventilation space, which allows the walls to breathe, which in turn allows any excess moisture to escape from behind the system

Premier Contractors were awarded the job and then told that the main contractor had to get back onto site on the Monday to complete the fit out. This meant the dry lining system had to be installed over the weekend. So, it was an extremely late night on Saturday.

The job was completed with time to spare by the Premier waterproofing team who left the site long before the stars returned to carry on filming.

Like all projects undertaken by Premier, this job is covered by an independent 10-year guarantee.

January 24th, 2019