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The Different Types of Waterproofing

May 13, 2021

External Waterproofing

To protect the whole structure, we can apply protection to the exterior or interior of the structure, dependent on the specific circumstance.

In either case, there are several options available to suit, and whichever method is specified, our systems all offer Type A barrier protection, preventing the ingress of water into the inner building fabric.

On the external or “positive” side, pre-applied barrier membranes can be bonded sheet membranes, sodium bentonite matting or liquid applied coatings.

Internally, on the “negative” side, post-applied approaches include cementitious coatings and bitumen, or polymer-based liquids applied via spray, trowel, brush or roller.

Structural Waterproofing

Premier 1st for Property Care are hugely experienced in the installation of top quality, effective Dampproof Courses.

Often, after installation, walls need to dry out which can cause delays in re-decoration or damage to plasterwork whilst still wet.

To overcome this issue, Premier 1st for Property Care can offer an 8mm cavity drain membrane system to allow the wall to breathe and dry out without the disruption of delaying redecorating.

Whatever waterproofing a building needs, it needs to be done right. Premier 1st for Property Care are a leading and approved provider of every possible preventative measure.

Structural Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing needs very careful surveying and planning, and Premier 1st for Property Care are approved installers of below-ground waterproofing systems.

It is accepted that water will enter many buildings and an internal cavity is provided to depressurise and manage the water, sometimes referred to as a “water management system”.

A Type C System is a below ground, internal waterproofing system, comprising membranes, drainage and, if required, pumping systems with backup ancillary products.

Water can be discharged from the property either via a gravity drainage channel or removed by a sump pump.

Premier 1st for Property Cares’ Type C systems meet BS 8102:2009 recommendations for a “maintainable waterproofing systems”.

May 13th, 2021