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Premier Awarded Prestigious Catesby Tunnel Waterproofing Contract

April 16, 2020

Prior to the Covid19 Pandemic and the UK’s Lockdown Premier 1st for Property Care are pleased to announce that as a business we have been awarded the prestigious contract to waterproof Catesby Tunnel, the plan is to convert the unused railway tunnel into a state-of-the-art test facility.

Catesby Tunnel which at 2997 yards, was the longest on the Great Central’s route to London, the last of the mainline railways to be built by the Victorians. This railway tunnel was originally planned as a cutting, but due to it running through a wealthy landowners estate, it was insisted that the cutting be turned into a tunnel. The contractor responsible for building this section of the London Extension (Contract No.4, Rugby to Woodford) was T Oliver & Son. At 27 feet wide and 25 feet 6 inches high, Catesby Tunnel is straight throughout and on a rising gradient of 1:176 to the south, with the summit of this section reached as daylight resumes. It was designed as an ‘egg shape’ tunnel with eight ventilation shafts along its length.

Catesby Tunnel is to become a worldwide benchmark for aerodynamic testing, capable of providing accurate and affordable full-scale aerodynamic performance data.

After the introduction by our supplier and consultations with the client, it was agreed that an 8mm Oldroyd membrane would be applied to the tunnel surface.

A sample of membrane was installed to ensure that the product was the correct material for the waterproofing of the project. 

Our very own Waterproofing expert ‘Simon Johns’ who is a CSSW Qualified Surveyor carried out the survey along with the Supplier (Safe Guard Europe) to ensure the client got value for money and great service. 

First day 

1st Delivery of the Membrane by our supplier.

The British Standard identifies that a drained cavity system is the safest method available for those seeking maximum assurance against system failure. This is because groundwater is controlled, diverted and harmlessly removed rather than being ‟blocked‟ at the point of entry. Consequently, the risk of increased Hydrostatic pressure is reduced, where directly applied systems generally increase the level of hydrostatic pressure imposed on the structure. 

Work in Progress

All our technicians are fully qualified in relevant trades and all have the required qualifications. Showing all our work is carried out to the highest standard of quality and safety. If you have any questions or would like more information contact us today for waterproof and damp services

April 16th, 2020