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Damp Living Room Wall Needed Dry Lining Membrane

February 25, 2019

This porous bale end wall was displaying classic signs of damp penetration, so the owner called Premier Conractors, on the recommendation of Newton Membranes.

Our CSSW-qualified surveyor quickly diagnosed the issue from the tide-line of damp extending DOWN the wall from porous stone work externally.

Testing showed a very high moisture profile reading.

High Meter ReadingWe recommended the insertion of a Newton 8mm cavity membare & dry lining system.

The house, near Taunton in Somerset, needed the work undertaken at weekend, which Premier were happy to do.

The membrane system firstly creates damp pressure equalisation, which means the whole of the wall is taking the damp loading therefore eliminating any weak spot.

The cavity created by the membrane can also be used for ventilation space, which allows the walls to breathe, which in turn allows any excess moisture to escape from behind the system.

To the homeowner’s satisfaction the project was completed over the weekend.

Premier take great pride in being recognised as an approved installer for Newton Waterproofing Systems. Newton Specialist Basement Contractors (NSBC) are an elite group of professional structural waterproofing and damp proofing contractors who work in partnership with Newton Waterproofing Systems to provide the specifier and their clients with the highest quality products, design and installation available in all aspects of domestic and commercial basement waterproofing.

As with all Premier Contractors projects, this job is provided with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee protected by independent insurance.

February 25th, 2019