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The Different Types of Waterproofing [wtr-time]

External Waterproofing To protect the whole structure, we can apply protection to the exterior or interior of the structure, dependent on the specific circumstance. In either case, there are several options available to suit, and whichever method is specified, our systems all offer Type A barrier protection, preventing the ingress of water into the inner […]

Read more May 13th, 2021

Premier Awarded Prestigious Catesby Tunnel Waterproofing Contract [wtr-time]

Prior to the Covid19 Pandemic and the UK’s Lockdown Premier 1st for Property Care are pleased to announce that as a business we have been awarded the prestigious contract to waterproof Catesby Tunnel, the plan is to convert the unused railway tunnel into a state-of-the-art test facility. Catesby Tunnel which at 2997 yards, was the […]

Read more April 16th, 2020

Basement Waterproofing in Bristol [wtr-time]

This week the Premier 1st for Property Care team completed a basement waterproofing job in Bristol utilising Newton 8mm Cavity Membrane and Newton Fibran. Damp proofing to basements is covered by British Standards document BS 8102: 2009 “Protection of structures against water from the ground”. This document specifies the performance level for the design of the waterproofing […]

Read more February 13th, 2020

Battenhall Mount, Worcester Waterproofing Project [wtr-time]

It’s been an amazing time for the Premier 1st for Property Care team with us being awarded a significant contract to undertake extensive dry rot, waterproofing and damp treatment works at Battenhall Mount, Worcester.  St Mary’s Convent School was formally Battenhall Mount, now an abandoned Roman Catholic School features grand Italian designs as well as classrooms. Battenhall Mount […]

Read more November 27th, 2019

Waterproofing System Project [wtr-time]

It’s been Premier 1st for Property Care’s absolute pleasure to assist this client over the weekend with their required waterproofing system, helping them get their waterproofing system project back on track.  This client had been working with a previous contractor, who left the site and the client in despair. The rogue builder tried to convince the […]

Read more August 21st, 2019

Aston Martin Collection Gets Expert Protection [wtr-time]

Every structure is at risk from water ingress, and professional waterproofing is always the answer. Especially if the structure is to be the home of a priceless collection of some iconic motor cars. After discussion with the architect, the on-site contractor called in Premier Contractors and we sent one of our CSSW-qualified surveyors to inspect […]

Read more February 19th, 2019

When Other Waterproofing Failed, it was Time for the Experts [wtr-time]

Type A waterproofing had been “installed” by other companies but had failed. Premier were called in to fix the problem. We were informed that numerous companies had applied a Type A waterproofing system to the walls and floors where hydrostatic pressure had been noted. Our CSSW-qualified surveyor quickly identified the issue, dismissing the previous contractor’s […]

Read more January 28th, 2019

They’re Film Stars, We’re Membrane Experts! [wtr-time]

The set of a very well-known film site needed to create more dressing room space but the space allocated needed waterproofing. Our CSSW-qualified surveyor was called in to advise on the best treatment, being advised that the architect favoured a Cavity Drained Membrane System. We agreed and proposed a system which will create damp-pressure-equalisation on […]

Read more January 24th, 2019

To Ensure British Standards were obeyed, the Experts were called in. [wtr-time]

Converting a chapel into apartments called for expert waterproofing installation; the client called in Premier Contractors, whose surveyors are all CSSW qualified. After the free, no-obligation survey was completed, our surveyor recommended that a Newton Cavity Membrane/Fibran System be installed giving complete piece of mind against dampness or water ingress in the future. Premier Contractors […]

Read more January 24th, 2019

Doctors Feel Better when Experts Do the Work [wtr-time]

This new -build doctors’ surgery needed waterproofing with a Newton Cavity Membrane within a very tight timeframe. The Cornish-based project is being managed by Consort Construction and they called in Premier Contractors to undertake the crucial waterproofing of the building. Our CSSW-qualified surveyors proposed the installation of Newton Cavity Membrane perimeter channel to be lined […]

Read more January 21st, 2019